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What is the Lean Startup Feed?

leanstartupfeed.com is a freshly-picked collection of the best entrepreneurs,  educators, and innovators writing about Lean Startups and Customer Development.  The Lean Startup concept was created by Eric Ries who took Steve Blank's Customer Development philosophy, mixed it with Agile Development, and added in the low cost starting point that the commoditization of technology and hardware by Open Source technology offers. It's designed to stop you creating products nobody wants by focusing religiously on measured customer feedback at every step of the business.

Who is missing from this feed? Please get in touch and let me know who else should be included - dave [AT] leanstartupfeed.com


This site was created by Dave Concannon, who reviews books and writes a little bit about customer development on his own blog at apeofsteel.com. It's a loving homage to Grace Smith's awesome Freelance Feed.

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  1. Dave,
    A great initiative for those, like myself, who live far from where the action is.
    Paris (France)

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